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Out of the office

We will be out of the office from 12 noon today, Thursday 17th April until 9.30am Tuesday 6th May. Orders received during this period will be sent as soon as possible after we re-open on 6th May.

Any orders that were received prior to the 17th will be processed as normal once payment has been received.

We will only be checking emails periodically during this period so responses may be delayed. We are continuing to buy and sort new stock and good progress is finally being made on new listings. Thank you for your continued interest and custom. More news to follow very soon....

Happy Easter!

David & team
The Historic Flying Clothing Company (Est. 1993)

Code: 14645Price: On Request

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R.A.F. Station White Dial Wall Clock

By F. W. Elliott Ltd. of Croydon. Stores ref. 21B/118. 14" white painted dial in a solid oak 18" diameter case. 8-day Elliott pendulum movement, serial number 8948 (non fusee). The dial is in nice original condition with Roman numerals and King's crown RAF crest. It is totally unrestored and displays some staining/marking but virtually no paint loss or chipping. The RAF crest remains in very good condition. The hands are original to the clock and though a little mishaped remain in good order. Appears to have replacement dial screws as is usually the case. The oak surround has a lovely patina and is free from damage beyond the odd small blemish. The back box has minor damage and a couple of missing screws. It is stamped with the Air Ministry reference marks 21B/118. Both the lower and side access doors are present and complete with closure catches. The box also retains its hanging plate and corner positioning plates to allow the clock to be screwed to the wall once in the correct position. The original 'spun' brass bezel is equally good with the original hinge. The movement has the original pendulum and is maker marked. It has recently been professionally cleaned/lubricated and is running well though still requires minor regulation by adjusting the screw nut on the base of the pendulum. Over the past week it has gained approximately 4 minutes. All in all this is a lovely unmolested clock which is my opinion is of far more historical value than one with a repainted dial or refinished case. An excellent working display item. We would prefer this item to be collected but are happy to post it worldwide entirely at the buyer's risk. A further 10 photographs are listed separately - please view these before making your purchase. An additional 8 or so photos are also available on request. Stock code C17238.

Code: 14621Price:

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R.A.F. Station White Dial Wall Clock - Additional Photos

The photos shown here should be viewed alongside the listing No. They are given to show extra details of the clock. A few more photos are available on request.

Code: 14631Price: On Request

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R.A.F. 1941 Pattern Flying Boots

Stores Ref. 22c/750. Size 8. The brown suede uppers are in very good condition showing little wear and only minor soiling and spot marking. The rubber 'galosh' section is complete with no perishing or loss. It remains very flexible around the sides and toe areas. The heel sections are rigid but this is normal and how they were manufactured. Excellent brass 'Lightning' zips with War Department broad arrow mark. Original 'Itshide' soles and 'Harefoot' heels in good order. The ankle straps and brass buckles are excellent. The linings are very good and complete with insoles. Clear Air Ministry King's crown markings on the zip tongues. A very good '+'/excellent used pair of boots. Stock code B16269.

Code: 14619Price:

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R.A.F. 1940 Pattern Flying Boot

By Manfield & Sons. Stores Ref. 22c/439. Size 9. The brown suede upper is in excellent overall condition with only very minor rubbing and soiling. The rubber “galosh” section is perishing/hardened with crystalization and loss. Excellent early style Air Ministry marked 'D-o-T' zip of the longer style that finishes slightly closer to the toe than the later 1940 pattern boots. Original 'Itshide' sole and heel is in excellent condition showing virtually no wear or use at all. Minor soiling of the dense fur lining which is otherwise in excellent condition. No insole. A.M. King's crown marked zip tongue (AM & Crown inked over but visible on the reverse side) has become partially unstitched at the top. Please note that this sale is for the right boot only! One can only speculate as to what happened to the other. Still makes a good display piece. When pushed for space the use of one boot of each pattern makes an effective display. Alternatively use for spares. The early zip alone is valuable. A genuine early style 1940 pattern boot, not the more commonly found 1941 pattern with the ankle strap removed. A rare find these days. Stock code B13442.

Code: 14620Price: 50.00 GBP

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R.A.F. MK.VII Flying Goggles

Stores Ref. 22c/827. The frame is generally good although it does have relatively minor paint rubbing/chipping, mainly on exposed edges. The flipshield (anti-glare screen) bar remains in place but the screen itself is not present. The leather surround is reasonably good and the backing chamois has average soiling. The padding within the face cushion has hardened as is usual with these goggles. Good nosepiece leather. Fitted with clear lenses with some small chips at the edges. The elasticated webbing strap has faded but does retain some elasticity. Air Ministry markings to the bridgepiece. A reasonably good pair of used goggles. Stock code G19038.

Code: 14627Price: 285.00 GBP

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R.A.F. Flying Helmet Receivers - For the 'B-type', Pair

Stores Ref. 10A/7063. Pair of receivers, or to be precise, 'receivers, telephone, head, type C' as used with the Type B flying helmet and Type D oxygen mask. Maunufactured in plastic/bakelite moulded over a steel shell with a separate screw on bakelite cover. Minor surface scratching to main casings. One screw on cover has a small crack radiating from the sound hole (see photo). Very clean internally. Remarkably difficult to find now. Excellent used condition overall. Stock code H19243.

Code: 14608Price:

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R.A.F. Type 27 Microphone

Stores Ref. 10A/12572. Distinctive black painted 'ball-shaped' microphone housing with angular metal on/off switch mounted on the top. Complete with remnants of the original wiring loom and the rubber grommet at the point where the loom enters the housing. Retains approx. 70% of the original paint although rather dulled and grubby. The switch functions correctly. The type 27 (more commonly known as the Type 28 when 'mounted') was sometimes used with the E-series and G-type oxygen masks in addition to the second pattern microphone carrier masks. A good used example. Stock code O15287.

Code: 14606Price:

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R.A.F. Type 20 Microphone - Used in Type D Oxygen Masks

Stores Ref. 10A/11994. Black painted alloy microphone, often referred to as the "1941" pattern although actually introduced in October 1940. Minor paint chipping/rubbing on exposed edges. Air Ministry and King's crown markings. Retains the original rubber "band" around the microphone on the reverse although this is hardened. Remains of the original loom still attached. These microphones were used in conjunction with the type D cloth oxygen masks. A very good '+' /excellent used example. Stock code O1111A.

Code: 14605Price: 120.00 GBP

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R.A.F. Type 20 Microphone - Used in Type D Oxygen Masks

Stores Ref. 10A/11994. Black painted alloy microphone, often referred to as the "1941" pattern although actually introduced in October 1940. Some paint chipping/rubbing on exposed edges and minor shape distortion at the edges - easily reshaped if necessary. Air Ministry and King's crown markings. A reasonably good used example. These microphones were used in conjunction with the type D cloth oxygen masks. Stock code O8444.

Code: 14604Price: 65.00 GBP

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