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Air Tranpsort Auxiliary Ferry Pilot Notes

H/b ring bound flip cards. Approx. 11x 15cms. June 1941. Marked \'For Official Use Only\' and subject to Section 1 of the Official Secrets Act, 1920 and the Defence Regulations. Produced for ferry pilots by the chief technical officer, HQ, ATA. As Ferry pilots had to deliver a wide range of different aircraft types these were designed to be a memory aid for use \'after the pilot has made himself familiar with the particular type of aircraft by careful study of the ATA Handling Notes or Air Ministry Instructions to Pilots before the flight\'. Cards for different aircraft could easily be added as necessary. This set includes amongst others the \'York I\', \'Wildcat\', \'Wellington\', \'Walrus I & II\' , \'Whitley\', \'Warwick\', \'Ventura\', \'Tempest\', \'Traveller I\', \'Skua\', \'Typhoon\', \'Mustang\', \'Mosquito\', \'Liberator\', \'Stirling\', \'Swordfish\', \'Metoer IV\' etc. Amended upto May 1946. Some ink annotations. Shows wear and use but in good overall condition. Rare to find. Stock code P15243.