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R.A.F. 1939 Pattern Flying Boots

Stores Ref. 22c/229. Size 9. 1940 dated. Classic Battle of Britain boots identical in pattern to the earlier 1936 pattern but with vulcanized canvas uppers. The leather shoe section is in very good condition with only minor wear and tear. The canvas uppers are also very good with only light soiling and wear. This pair is fitted with the earlier canvas type top strap rather than the black leather version. As with most \'39 pattern boots, the linings are moulting - some near the top and more further down the legs. This is not particularly noticable until you actually look into the boots and is not a problem when displayed. Fitted with the original insoles. Good period \'Goodyear\' soles - probably applied over the original leather soles. Complete with clear Air Ministry King\'s Crown markings and 1940 date code in each boot. A good/good \'+\' pair of these rare early boots. I have had these for well over 15 years and they were bought directly from the widow of a 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron member. Stock code B22.