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U.S.A.A.F. A-7 Oxygen Mask (Commercial Variant)

By Franklin-Tally. Rare commercial version of the nasal bladder mask. Dark green rubber face piece that covers the nose only. Integral oxygen feed channels pass from the nose-piece around either side of the mouth joining at the bottom where the rebreather (bladder) bag and oxygen tube are fitted. This is the forerunner of the A-7A mask which had 2 rubber mouldings that housed sponge discs to aid oxygen dilution. Simple rubber strap with press stud fastening. This example has no oxygen flow valve - the oxygen tube fits directly to the lower body of the mask. The main body of the mask and tubes are in excellent condition - fully supple and with quite a bit of french chalk remaining. The rebreather bag is stiff and hardened and would not inflate. See p. 272 'Vintage Flying Helmets' for a similar example (metal valve not on this one and slight strap fastening variation). No markings. In the original box which is in good overall condition. Stock code O8305.