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R.A.F. 'Beadon Suit' Survival Match Container / Ma

Stores Ref. 12D/460. Screw topped cylindrical aluminium container which houses a second aluminium tube into which large-headed long burning matches were placed. The inner-side of the outer container is coated with a 'striking-surface'. The overall size is approx. 6.5cm x 3 cm diameter. With Broad Arrow painted/transfer type label to side '12D/460 Nestor Waterproof Match Container - Striker Surface Inside Outer Screw-Off Cover. Matches In Inner Pull-Off Cover'. These were issued as part of the 'Lightweight Flying Overall', better known as the Beadon flying suit, which was issued to replace the Sidcot suit towards the end of WW2. Good used condition with approx. 30 original matches remaining (near capacity). Quite a scarce item. Stock code S14531.