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R.A.F. Irvin Flying Jacket

Physically measures approx. 43 so should be OK for around a 38-40 chest. Interesting example with typical late war multiple panelled front and rear sections. The leather is in good \'+\' overall condition retaining much of the original chromed finish and flexibility. There are no tears/repairs or damaged areas but there is surface wear and scuffing in places. The stitching all seems to be good and tight . It has an old/period replacement \'Lightning\' marked main zip but both sleeve zips are original (different, but original). One of these looks fine but the teeth do no mesh when used. and one original A.M. marked \'Lightning\' sleeve zip. Very good mid-long length medium brown fur lining with some still left at the cuffs and more still at the waist. Retains the original belt, leather hanger and collar strap/rings. A nice late war example in good \'+\' used condition. Stock code J14379.