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R.A.F. Airman\'s Service and Pay Book - Unissued

Form 64 (formerly Book 64). This is the document in which all the airman\'s details are put - name, personal details, medical details, rank and RAF trade. It also has space for record of medals received; record of woollen \'comforts\' supplied; certificate by air-crew selection board; identity and permits issued and so on. The print date in the book is 7/44. In a pocket at the back it contains the Airman\'s Pay Book Form 64 (part II). The print date in this part is 4/45. This item is in very good unused condition. Never filled out/completely blank. Ideal for the re-enactor who wants to use original paperwork or for the collector who wants unissued items. Rare to find like this. Stock code P