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Luftwaffe Chest Type Parachute Harness

FL 30215. This is the second pattern improved harness with an R.A.F. style quick release box. Fawn coloured webbing with the quick release box mounted on a wide webbing canvas waist-belt (similar to those found on R.A.F. seat type parachute harnesses). Large spring loaded clips for attaching the pack on to and a 'salt and pepper' backpad cushion. The harness is labelled but the text is indistinct. The reference number can be made out and the date appears to be August 1939. The rear of the QR box is engraved with reference numbers and manufacturer's details etc. Aside from some surface corrosion on the chest clips the harness is in excellent condition. This was apparantly taken from a Luftwaffe airman who baled out over Somerset. He landed in a tree and had to be rescued by the local Fire Brigade. The harness was kept by the chief fire officer at the station where it remained until a few months ago. I am awaiting full details of the aircraft, airman and dates it was shot down etc. and these will be forwarded to the buyer. Stock code M14524.