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R.A.F. Irvin Flying Jacket - Early Pattern

Physically measures approx. 46 so should be OK for around a 42 chest. Classic early example with single panel fronts and just one centre seam on the back of the jacket. The leather is in very good overall condition retaining much of the original chromed finish and flexibility. There is a small surface nick in one of the rear panels and some wear/abrasion to the upper part of the right arm. Here there is a hole in the outer skin of the leather but this does not penetrate through to the fur and isn't really a problem (see photos). Other than these minor faults there are no tears, damage, holes or repairs. All of the stitching and seams appear good and tight. Excellent short dense pale tan coloured fur. The cuff fur shows wear but there is still some 'trim' remaining. The waist fur trim is still very good. The jacket retains original 'D-o-T' and Air Ministry marked main zips. The sleeve zips are 'Lightning' marked originals. The belt is also in very good condition. This example has a chain hanger, collar strap/rings and eyelets to the rear of the collar for the elastic 'collar strap' (not present). Overall this is a very good early war example in a decent size. Stock code J