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U.S.A.A.F. D-1 Shearling Jacket

Size Medium (physically measures about 38-40\"). By Western Lea Co. Designed for use by aircraft mechanics but also saw service with aicrews as a flying jacket. Constructed from seal brown sheep shearling and very similar in appearance to the B-6 flying jacket. Several variations exist with/without pockets etc. This example has two large patch pockets which have been added \'in the field\' over the original zipped slash pockets that were removed. In addition it has an Air Ministry zip which would also almost certainly have been a field repair. The overall appearance of the jacket is good with little of the surface peeling that affects many AAF shearling jackets. The leather is a bit dry in places and has several period/field repairs/patches as seen in the photos. All of these are sympathetic and well executed. In addition there is wear/damage to the binding seam at the neck/collar and a few other small nicks etc. All of the straps are complete but again, these do show wear and use. The lining is very good bar the wear to the cuffs. Labelled. Most D-1 jackets that turn up are in very poor condition as they saw heavy use and wear. Even in period photographs they are often seen with rips and tears. This example has obviously seen some heavy use but has survived quite well. The field repairs and British zip also suggest it has been used by an 8th or 9th AAF unit. We obtained the jacket in the Norfolk area which also adds weight to this theory. A good display piece. Stock code J14785.