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R.A.F. D-type Oxygen Mask

The cloth is generally in good condition and is clean. As with most D-masks there is moth damage. The worst area is to the left of the 'nose' (as worn) and an area close to the top of the left face protector (as worn). In addition to these there are other small holes over the mask. The two larger areas mentioned have had some similarly coloured green material placed between the outer and inner layers of the mask to reduce the impact of the damage. The lining has some light soiling and a few tiny holes but is very clean and very good overall. The mask has been fitted with a very good pair of 'face protector' press stud strips. The microphone mounting ring is in excellent order without significant paint loss and is fully stamped with reference numbers. Not fitted with a microphone or wiring but these can be supplied at extra cost if required. The overall shape of the mask is excellent and ideal for display. To conclude, this mask has much less mothing than most that turn up these days and is in good used overall condition. An excellent investment. If you require additional photographs please contact us. Stock code O14993.