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R.A.F. MK.II Flying Goggles

Goggles, Flying Lightweight. Stores Ref. 22c/44. More commonly known as the MK.II. Technically an interwar pattern but still in use well into the early years of WW2. Blackened brass frames backed with knitted brown silk having a brown fur edge trim. Grey green tinted lenses. Distinctive leather strap having two sections with cloth covered springs inside. The frame, lenses and knitted silk backing are all excellent. A small section of the fur trim is missing/worn. The strap has had some restitching done and the chromed leather is a bit cracked/worn. There is an AID type stamp on the chamois of the strap. All of the strap springs are complete/unbroken. But for the strap these would be excellent. Good \'+\' to very good used. Rare to find these days. Not to be confused with the many variants of MT drivers\' goggles on the market. Stock code G14076.