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R.A.F. D-type Oxygen mask

The cloth is generally in very good to excellent condition. As usual there is some moth damage. There are a few small nips to the lower panel and some to the left side of the mask (as worn) but none of these are serious or detrimental to the overall appearance. The lining is really quite clean and undamaged. This is one of the variants where the chamois lining stops before reaching the 6D/117 mount ring leaving exposed hessian/calico at this point (made like this). The mask has been fitted with 'face protector' press stud strips - these being sewn such that the upper edges of the strips protrude above the upper edges of the mask. The microphone mounting ring has a fair amount of paint loss but is in good condition and complete with reference number stamped into the metal. Not fitted with a microphone or wiring but these can be supplied at extra cost if required. The overall shape of the mask is excellent and ideal for display. This is undoubtedly one of the better D-masks available. A very rare find in this condition. Stock code O14725.