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R.A.A.F. MK.IIIA Flying Goggles

Australian Ref. L1/40. One of the classic 'Battle of Britain' pattern goggles. The frame is good but does have some paint loss in places. All of the frame screws appear to be original and both frame 'stops' are in place. The velvet backing is extremely good (very dark brown as usual with Aussie variants) and the nosepiece leather is also excellent. The lenses have very minor marking and surface scratching - possibly replacements. The strap springs are all complete and undamaged. The cloth spring coverings are very good although a little worn in a couple of places revealing the springs beneath. The leather strap section is very good with full RAAF markings and 1940 date code. Other than the Australian markings and dark brown velvet backing these are identical to standard RAF issue IIIAs. Very good used goggles. Stock code G15070.