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R.A.F. Irvin Flying Jacket - Early Pattern

Measures approx. 43\" so should fit 38 - 40\". Classic early example with single panel fronts and just one centre seam on the back of the jacket. The leather of the main body is reasonably good and quite supple. The front retains a fair amount of the original chrome finish on one side but the other is a bit more worn with some \'suedeing\'. The rear panels are good but the sleeves are not so good. While they are supple they have lost a fair amount of chroming leaving a suede-like finish and surface cracking. This could be improved with leather dressing. There is a tear to the the upper left arm that has been \'repaired\' with glue! Ideally this needs a small patch - internally or externally All of the zips are original and in working condition. The main zip has the puller tag missing. Both sleeve zips are c/w leather puller tags and in good working order (although one has some damage to the zip tape). The dense tan fur is excellent and there is still a reasonable amount remaining at the cuffs and waist. The jacket retains its original belt and collar strap/rings in good used condition. The collar also has the eyelets at the back for the elastic collar strap (missing). Some of the seams have been restitched and others are a bit loose and would benefit with more restitching. Overall appearance is reasonably good but without some remedial treatment is probably more suited to display. Stock code J11850.