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Japanese Army Fighter Pilot\'s Winter Flying Helme

The Kanji mark indicates this as a size \'large\'. Typical Japanese Army flying helmet in mid chestnut coloured leather. Pressed hardened leather earcups and rabbit (?) fur lining. Two press stud fastened goggle straps and an adjustable leather strap at the rear of the helmet. Fitted with a circle of leather to the forehead on which the Army \'star\' would have been sewn (star gone, stitch holes visible). The leather is in reasonably good condition if a little marked and with variable patina. Unfortunately the chinstrap has been damaged/severed and replaced with another section of leather stitched in place. The strap retaining rings (chin and rear straps) have surface corrosion and there is quite extensive loss of the fur lining (not obvious when displayed). Various stamps inside the earcups. A little tatty inside but a good display piece. Priced accordingly. Stock code H15438.