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R.A.F./R.C.A.F. 1932 Pattern \'Battle of Britain\'

RCAF Stores Ref. 22C/22, RAF Stores Ref. 22c/ *55. Manufactured by The Dominion Rubber Company Ltd. Size large. The fabric is excellent and retains a good deep colour with very light soiling only. Printed to the front lobes with user instructions. Early pattern that was never fitted with leg straps. C/w excellent original \'DOT\' zip, buttons and tying tapes/buckles. Fully labelled with RAF and RCAF 22c codes. Ink stamp inspection date below the label “Jan 1945”. The internal rubberisation is excellent - no shedding. As good as you are likely to find. A much cheaper option than one of the green versions! Excellent example. Probably unissued/unused. Stock code MW13023.