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R.A.F. 1941 Pattern Mae West Inflation Lever - Typ

Chromed metal \'lever\' used to operate the CO2 cartridge within the bladder (stole). The inflation lever consists of a \'J\' shaped handle that pivots between lugs on the lever body, a locknut, and an adaptor, or sleeve, with a cutaway skirt. The CO2 cylinder is screwed into this assembly and secured within the bladder using a hose clip around the base of the lever assembly. Air Ministry and King\'s Crown stamped. Excellent condition. Comes with an earlier style straight sided CO2 gas cylinder (empty/discharged). There is just sufficient copper thread remaining to enable this to be connected to the lever assembly. The bottle shows surface paint loss/corrosion. Extremely difficult to find now. Also suitable for Harnessuits. Stock code MW15759.