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Luftwaffe Marked Kriegsmarine Schwimmweste

Manufactured in drab yellow rubberised cotton canvas with twin inflatable lobes to the front interconnected with an inflatable horseshoe neck section. Simple canvas webbing waist and back straps. CO2 inflation cylinder to lower right lobe and oral inflation tubes for emergency back-up/top-up. Overall condition is reasonably good. The material is good and flexible although a bit grubby. It has a few small tears including one where the front lobes connect with the collar and a period patch to the front. The back strap has some fraying and the lower attachment point for this has significant fraying and the 2 metal rings are corroded. The waist belt and metal adjusters are good. The inflation cylinder is very good and retains much of its original paintwork. This is dated 7-44. The main inflation tube is quite good but the collar tube is severed close to the exit point. There are some slightly unclear markings \'GBR\'? and a serial number and 1938 (?) date. Interstingly/unusually there is also a Luftwaffe acceptance stamp. Although a Kriegsmarine schwimmweste perhaps this might have been used by the Luftwaffe Air Sea Rescue Service (Seenotdienst) crews on their flying boats? Stock code MW16095.