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R.A.F. Type E Carbon Microphone Assembly For Use W

Stores ref. 10A/9004. Comprises a 'Microphone, mask, type C, ref. 10A/9003) wired to an external loom fitted with an early brown jackplug. The microphone itself consists of a bell-shaped, chamois covered, black painted brass carrier. Within this the actual microphone componant is mounted (10A/7355). Part of the inside of the carrier is sprayed with powdered cork which acts as an insulator against condensation and noise. To the base of the carrier are two moulded breathing vents and at the top is the toggle switch. This example is in reasonable condition retaining most of its original chamois. Unfortunately the chamois has been lost from the edges of the housing and parts of the central projection of the housing. What remains is quite soiled. The actual brass housing and microphone appear to be very good. If the housing was 'recovered' you would end up with a superb looking item... It is interesting to note that most examples of this microphone tend to be alloy based rather than brass. I am assuming this to be an earlier production model. The microphone is wired to a mid tan loom and brown cased jackplug in excellent used condition. These microphones were used with the cloth D-type oxygen masks and pre-date the flat-fronted type 18 (type 19 when mounted/wired). Photographic evidence suggests they saw considerable use during the Battle of France. A rare find these days. Stock code O15068