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R.A.F. Survival Dinghy Testing Manometer

Stores ref. 27C/1926. Manufactured by Coxeter & Son Ltd. London. 1941 dated. Following servicing, repair and at other stipulated intervals all R.A.F. dinghies were subjected to a pressure test to ensure that they were capable of maintaining their specified pressure. The buoyancy tube was inflated with air and connected to a manometer by a length of rubber tubing for a given period (usually one, hour), during which time the pressure must not drop beyond the limit allowed. The manometer is a mercury U-tube mounted in a wooden box. A side of the box is hinged and contains brief instructions for use together with a list of test pressures. A scale, calibrated in lb. per sq. in.. is mounted vertically between the two glass tubes and is to be read against the left-hand or atmospheric tube. The scale can be adjusted vertically in order to set the zero mark to the level of the mercury. Appears to be in good, order (mercury removed). The case is reasonable although lacking one rubber foot and a small section of wood (see photo). Dusty, grubby throughout. Stock code M16090.