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R.A.F. Pilot\'s And Flight Engineer\'s Notes - Lan

A.P. 2062A. 3rd edition/A.P 2062C. - 2nd Edition/A.P. 2062F - 1st Edition. Original copy dated May 1944. Approx. 46 pages plus pullout diagrams/photos. For the MK.1 Lancaster fitted with four Merlin XX, 22 or 24 engines and the MK.III & X fitted with four Merlin 28 02 38 engines. Covers a general description of the aircraft, plus information on fuel and oil systems; aircraft controls; engine controls; handling and operating data; emergencies; supplementary notes for flight engineers etc. Has six pull-out photos/diagrams of the of the cockpit etc. The cover is a little dog-eared. internal pages are good although the pull-out pages are a little creased/dog-eared. Good \'+\' overall condition. Stock code P15547.