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R.A.F. 1936 Pattern Flying Boots

Stores Ref. 22c/80. Size 7. 1937 dated. The leather is in very good condition bar the odd small surface nick, very light scuffing and minor paint splatters. Original leather soles are worn but good. The heelplates may have been replaced at some stage. The linings are the only problem area of these boots with moulting at the top section of the right boot more extensive moulting at the top of the left boot. The remaining parts of the lining are actually quite good/complete but would probably be unstable for use. They also have the insoles fitted. Complete with clear Air Ministry King\'s Crown markings and 1939 date code in each boot. A good pair of these rare early boots suitable for display. Had the linings been better they would have ranked as very good \'+\'. Stock code B16256.