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F.A.A. N-Type Flying Helmet (Early Patt.)

Often incorrectly referred to as the FAA D-type and now known to have been designated as the N-type. Size unknown but would guess a 3. Intended for use in tropical/desert climates in the Middle East, Mediterranean, North Africa etc and incorporating a neck flap at the rear to provide sun protection. The material is in excellent condition bar very light marking. The straps, in one-up/one-down format are very good, two of the studs retain 90% plus of the original coatings and the remaining two well over 50%. This being a Fleet Air Arm helmet it is fitted with zipped leather earpieces - both of these are in very good condition with excellent zips retaining their leather puller tags. The earpieces are complete with original rubber receiver carriers in place. The satin lining is in excellent used condition - really quite clean. There is some abrasion, small holes in one of the inner donuts. The felt of the forehead pad and chintab has some mothing - the latter being most affected. Early, externally wired example with leather chinstrap (complete with metal end tip) and Bennett buckle lacking the leather covering. Fully wired with mid tan coloured loom, early brown cased jackplug and receivers and type 25 microphone. A very good \'+\' used example of this desirable helmet. Stock code H15538.