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Luftwaffe Two-Piece Winter Weight Flying Suit Trou

By \'Aska-Aarcka, A-G, Sofia/Bulgaria\'. Trousers for the \'Bulgarian\' suit in white untreated (raw) sheepskin. This pair is the variant without pockets. Thick fleece lining (mainly dark brown but with small amounts of white). Complete with fly, side-entry and ankle zips - all originals (Rapid/Elite) and most with the original leather puller tags. Blue cotton waistband with adjustment buckles and buttons provided for use with braces. The trousers are in reasonably clean condition (for white sheepskin). They show wear and use with some abrasion and small cuts and have the odd small repair including a period (?) patch near the top of the left ankle zip. That zip also has damage to the webbing tap near the bottom. it might still function with care but is probably best left \'closed\'. Labelled. Good \'+\' used condition. Stock code S15450.