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R.A.F. / Air Ministry MK.IIC Cockpit Clock

Stores Ref. 6a/1104. Metal cased and approx. 5.5cm diameter. Self starting 8-day movement. The bezel is screwed on and red-painted dummy hour and minute hands are suspended inside the cover glass. These hands can be set by turning two knurled knobs in the centre of the glass. The clock is wound and hands set with a spring loaded knob projecting from the lower right corner. Black dial with white Arabic numerals. The dial is part luminous. Some paint chipping & minor surface corrosion, otherwise in very good order. Not fully wound to avoid damage to the mainspring but has been test run for 24 hour periods and keeps good time. Air Ministry marked and 1942 dated. This type of clock was used in some models of Ansons, Battles, Beaufighters, some Spitfires, Beauforts, Sunderlands, Austers, Liberators, Tiger Moths and Mosquitos. Stock code C16600.