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R.A.F. 1932 Pattern Mae-West Bladder (1940 Dated)

Tropical pattern. Identical in style to the standard bladder found in the temperate version of the 1932 patt. but covered in yellow silk which was supposed to protect the rubber in conditions of high temperature/humidity. Overall appearance is reasonable. The yellow silk is a bit soiled/stained and has crease marks. The silk is separating from the bladder towards the base of one lobe on the reverse side (see photos). Unfortunately the rubber has hardened so the bladder is not flexible and feels quite 'cripsy'. There are no external signs of serious cracking.. The oral inflation tube is completely flexible with working valve at the top. Beautifully stamped with A.M. King's Crown markings and March 1940 test date so could have been used during the Battle of Britain! Not in great condition but still a desirable item. Stock code MW14663.