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R.A.F. 1941 Pattern Mae West Inflation Lever & CO2

Chromed metal \'lever\' used to operate the CO2 cartridge within the stole (bladder). The inflation lever consists of a \'J\' shaped handle that pivots between lugs on the lever body, a locknut, and an adaptor, or sleeve, with a cutaway skirt. The CO2 cylinder is screwed into this assembly and secured within the bladder using a hose clip around the base of the lever assembly. Air Ministry and King\'s Crown stamped. Excellent condition througout. Comes with a 2nd pattern CO2 gas cylinder. These have a pinched \'waist\' section roughly half way along the cylinder designed to even out the flow of gas to the stole. The cylinder is empty/discharged. The copper thread to the top of the cylinder has been glued back in place in order to allow its refitting to the lever. Extremely difficult to find now. Also suitable for Harnessuits. Stock code MW16466.