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Luftwaffe Heated Sleeping Bag

Elktr. Beheitzer Schlafsak. Fl 31270. Manufactured by Harl Heisler, Berlin. Dated Feb. 1943. Large padded cotton sleeping bag with integral heating elements. A \'Rapid\' zip fastener runs down the centre of one side and there is a buttoned flap at the lower end of the sleeping bag. A short section of the wiring loom remains at the top end of the bag - this appears to be very similar to the looms found on Luftwaffe flying helmets. When not in use the sleeping bag can be rolled up and stowed inside an integral drab green cotton container. These were used by the Seenotdienst (Luftwaffe Air Sea Rescue) service and carried in their Heinkel He59 aircraft for use with rescued/injured airmen. Overall condition is very good but the loom has been cut short. The zip fastener looks very good and does work but requires careful handling. I unzipped the bag and when re-fastening the zip did not want to mesh. When more care was taken the zip functioned correctly. Fully labelled and dated. The words \'sleeping bag\' have been written on the integral container - fortunately this is not too obvious. A rare piece if equipment. Heavy! Stock code M16096.