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R.A.F Type D Oxygen Mask

The overall appearance of this mask is not good. Unfortunately the moths have been busy and peppered the cloth thoughout leaving large holes and quite extensive loss of material. Conversely, the lining is very clean and in remarkably good condition showing little use or wear. The mask has been fitted with a good pair of \'face protector\' press stud strips. The microphone mounting ring is in excellent order without significant paint loss and is fully stamped with reference numbers. Not fitted with a microphone or wiring but these can be supplied at extra cost if required. The overall shape of the mask is good. Whilst the exterior of the mask is undeniably tatty it is interesting to see how the masks were made with the calico interlining being visible as well as the stiffening material and nose-wire within its own calico housing. The mask could be left \'as is\' or restored either by patching and darning or a total recovering. I have spoken to Steve Silburn regarding the latter and this is entirely feasible. Once recovered to his standards the mask would undoubtedly look superb. Stock code O15794.