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R.A.F. MK.IV Flying Goggles/Boxed/Spares

By Levers Optical. Stores Ref. 22c/111. The first of the MK.IV series goggles with a painted brass frame incorporating hinged lens holders. With this pattern the lenses fit directly into the goggle frames and do not have sub-frames around them. The goggle frame is in very good condition with only minor paint loss. The leather nose-piece is very good & the chamois backing has light to average even soiling. As usual the rubber pads are hardened and crusty. The strap loops are very good - minor fraying in places but nothing serious. All of the strap springs appear to be functioning and the leather section is very good and has faint A.M. markings. Clear lenses have edge delamination marks but are fairly good. The goggles come in their original issue box with paper label to one end and a second label inside the lid detaling the contents. The box shows wear and tear and rust stains but is sound. Within the box there is also a leatherette spares wallet containing an aluminium tube of anti-dimming compound, small spanner/key for bridgepiece adjustment and a set of tinted lenses in paper packets. These have some delamination marks but are reasonable overall. In addition there is the leather/chamois protection strip (for sewing to the forehead of the helmet to protect against freezing) and a set of 'modifier' plates & rivets (2 rivets missing). Finally there is the anti-glare screen, commonly known as the 'flipshield' with the long exposed type spring mechanism. Overall this is a very good set of goggles in near complete condition. The MK.IV is considerably rarer than the IVB and this is reflected in the price. Stock code G13757.