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R.A.F. Station Sector Clock, Type 2

Type 2, Smiths Coventry Astral, 1942 dated Air Ministry stamped 8-day, lever escapement movement. 14\" dial with approximately 18\" diameter pale wooden surround (light mahogany or possibly beech ?). The dial is generally quite good and completely unrestored and original. There is minor paint loss around the edges near the screw holes and also around the winding hole, advance/retard lever and minor surface corrosion spotting throughout the dial. None of this is too serious and we do not feel this detracts - far better than a restored or repainted dial. The rear of the dial has surface corrosion throughout. The clock retains an original unpainted spun brass bezel and has the glass retainer ring in place on the inside (these often seem to fall out). The bezel hinge had siezed and is currently being treated with penetrating oil to restore free movement. The wooden surround is in very good condition and all the joints are tight and strong. The back is stamped \'Smith 1942\' and also with the \'GVI\' cypher in two separate places. The movement itself appears to be in good order and although a bit dirty is ticking way strongly. The rear plate is clearly stamped with \'A.M.\', King\'s Crown and 1942 date. Being a non-fusee movement, this clock has the advantage of being less temperamental than pendulum driven Type 1s and will run without being hung exactly straight on the wall. The dials on Type 2 clocks are normally \'tinned\' which gives some protection from corrosion and explains why most are in better condition than their predecessors. We prefer to have clocks with totally original dials even if this means some rust and paint loss. However, if you were so inclined this could be \'restored\' by an expert in the field. A rare opportunity to own one of the classic clocks as used in the WW2 Operations Rooms of RAF stations. Stock code C16006.