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R.A.F. / F.A.A. C-Type Immersion Suit Flying Helme

This is a version of the standard late pattern F.A.A. C-type with zipped earpieces. Originally these formed part of a complete one-piece immersion suit which were both bulky and unpopular - hence many helmets were separated/cut off and worn alone. Made of unlined white leather and very similar in appearance to the standard late pattern C-type bar minor wiring channelling variations. Marked as a size 2 but seems bigger. The leather is in very good condition and apart from some staining to the right earpiece is also remarkably clean (for a white helmet!). It is fully supple and free from damage or notable wear. Both earpieces are good with excellent zips - each complete with the original leather puller tags. The inside of the helmet is also very clean and shows only light wear and use. The inner chamois donuts are also quite clean. All of the straps are good and retain virtually all of the original brown coatings on the press studs. Excellent chin strap retaining a good deep colour and full elasticity. Internally wired with full mid tan loom, black cased jackplug and receivers. The earpieces also have sponge rubber ear cushions in place (these feel a bit hard) and the receiver carriers are suitable for use with Gosport tubes too. A rare helmet in in very good '+' used condition. Stock code H14727.