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U.S.A.A.F. Jacket, Enlisted Men\'s, Flight, Type B

Physically measure approx. 42\". Jacket, Enlisted Men\'s, Flight, Type B-14. Technically a flight jacket but essentially an \'Ike\' type jacket that preceded the \'Ike\' and was unique to the AAF. Standardized for use by enlisted air crewmen in March 1944. Similar in appearance to an \'Ike\' and manufactured in OD wool (Shade No.54). It has concealed breast pockets (with exposed flaps) and midriff slash pockets. This example has a nice machine made AAF shoulder patch and Sterling marked pin-backed Aircrew wing, clutch-backed \'U.S\' and winged prop collar insignia. The rank insignia has been removed (stitch marks visible) but there is a replacement set of Technical Sgt. stripes in one of the pockets. It also has an engineering specialist cuff patch & ruptured duck discharge patch. The label has been removed but the jacket is well stamped with AAF markings. Overall condition is very good although it is lightly soiled and there are a couple of small insignificant moth holes. These jackets are now extremely rare to find. Don\'t miss this super example. Stock code U15499.