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R.A.F. \'Nuffield\' Pattern Escape Flying Boots

Size 10. Essentially these are the prototype of the 1943 pattern boot. Designed by the MI9 escape and evasion \'master\', Christopher Clayton Hutton and produced under private contract on the order of Lord Nuffield. Like the later \'43 pattern boot they feature a standard black leather shoe section with an added leather upper that could be removed should the wearer need to evade capture. In this case the upper being in sheepskin lined finished leather rather than suede. First pattern Nuffield boots feature a front zip fastener. These slightly later boots have the more familiar off-set zip and buckled strap of the \'43 boot. The shoe sections are in good used condition showing normal use and wear. The leather uppers are generally good but both boots have some surface cracking in places and a small tear adjacent to the top of the zip. The left boot has had a small stitched repair to this area but this has partially failed and care needs to be taken when zipping/unzipping. The brass DOT zips are in good working condition and the sheepskin linings are good, retaining insoles. Original sole and heels. These boots were never allocated a reference numbers and as such there are no official markings. Very rare to find these days as they were only in production for about a year and not produced in large numbers. Good looking boots in reasonably good used condition. Stock code B15364.