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R.A.F. \'Style\' 1936 Pattern Flying Boots

Approx. size 8. Private purchase 1936 pattern flying boots in black leather with a fleece lining. Essentially the same as the \'issue\' Air Ministry marked boots but without the markings. Private purchase boots are usually found with duller grainier leather but these are much smoother like the issue pairs. The only other difference on this pair is a slightly squarer toe section. The leather is in very good condition but does have some small surface nicks/cuts and scuffing. The linings are much better than most found in \'36 patt. boots and appear to be moth free. There is some staining to the top of one boot but nothing serious. Good original leather soles but the heelplates have probably been replaced at some stage. A significantly cheaper way of kitting out your mannequin. Very good used. Stock code B16252.