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R.A.F. E-type Oxygen Mask

Stores Ref. 6D/473. This is a “true” E-mask, not the later issue, more commonly found E* version. As such it has no anti-suffocation/inspiratory valve on the left cheek & a leather strap/harness rather than the later blue-grey webbing variety. The rubber retains quite good shape & is generally reasonably flexible, though with a fair amount of cracking/crazing in places & repairs where the rubber has been pierced. In addition the conical tube that exits from the base of the mask was severed & has been carefully re-attached. The tube is firmly bonded & the external join is neat. The straps are very good - c/w Bennett buckle etc. The chamois is intact although dry & a bit grubby. The edge of the mask has A.M. ref codes moulded into it. In addition the mask is fitted with a good type 25 microphone with an excellent early wiring loom & early brown cased jackplug. Overall I'd say this mask is in fair “++” to quite good used condition & is an excellent display piece. These masks are extremely rare - probably the rarest of all the WW2 oxygen masks & certainly much rarer than the coveted D-mask. In over 25 years of collecting I have only had 3 of these (1 is in my own collection). Stock code O12562/5089.