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R.A.F. MK.VII Flying Goggles

Stores Ref. 22c/827. The brass frame is in quite good condition and has relatively minor paint chipping/rubbing. The leather surround is complete although dry and with hardened internal padding. The leather nose-piece is also rather dry and whilst it appears mishaped due to storage, is actually quite flexible. The chamois backing has average soiling and rubbing. Clear lenses have some delamination but are undamaged. The strap is quite poor - it retains a little elasticity but is grubby/stained and with the loss of part of one of the adjuster clips (see photo). No flipshield fitted. Belonged to a Squadron leader pilot who flew Blenheims and tested Mosquitos fitted with early radar but who flew mainly as an instructor. Details issued to buyer. Stock code G16397.