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R.A.F. MK.VII Flying Goggles

Stores Ref. 22c/826 (goggles), 22c/836 (Screen, anti-glare). The frame is generally very good with relatively minor paint chipping. Fitted with rare white \'prescription lens\' nuts although the lenses appear to be standard fit. The leather surround is very good and the backing chamois is cleaner than on most VIIs. Very good nosepiece leather. The clear lenses have some delamination and a crack in the outer right lens. The webbing strap is complete but faded and rather stretched and lacking elasticity. Fitted with the very rare perspex \'flipshield\', or more correctly, \'Screen, anti-glare\' This has light surface scuffs/scratches and the metal attachment clip has surface corrosion/pitting. Overall condition is good to good \'+\' used. Nice to find a complete set. Re-listed due to non-paying customer. Stock code G15352.