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R.A.F. MK.IVB Flying Goggles c/w Flipshield, Box,

Stores Ref. 22c/167 (Goggles), 22c/113 (Screen, Anti-Glare). The frame is in excellent original condition with no damage and virtually no paint loss whatsoever. Matt black paint finish. The nosepiece leather is in excellent condition as is the chamois backing bar light soiling. Whilst the rubber face pads have hardened and perished they retain better shape than many we have seen. The fitted clear lenses are quite good but have some delamination. Strap components are excellent throughout - all the strap springs are complete/excellent. Clearly A.M. marked with reference numbers etc. The flipshield, or more correctly \'Screen, Anti-Glare\' is fitted with the small concealed type spring mechanism - all in very good condition. Complete with fully stamped original box of issue. The box is soiled and has minor damage to the lid corners but is in good overall shape and strong. Also comes with the inner card spares box containing a tube of “Everclear”, spanner and a full set of helmet plates and poppers for attaching to B or C-type helmets (all good) plus copper rivets and the leather forehead strip too. Also comes with a set of spare delaminated tinted lenses . Overall this is an excellent set of goggles. Stock code G15542.