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R.A.F. C-type Flying Helmet (Early Patt.)

Stores ref. 22c/452. Size 4. The leather is generally in very good condition - quite clean,supple and undamaged bar minor abrasion and nicks etc. Fitted with 4 goggle straps in one-up one down configuration. These are in good condition although there is some loss of the original press stud coatings. Very good chinstrap complete with metal end tip. The Bennett buckle is also very good. Excellent rubber receiver carriers. The lining is in good condition but quite soiled, particularly at the back of the neck and chamois donuts. Early version fitted with just 2 press studs to each side making it suitable for \'E\' series masks. Faint A.M King\'s crown and reference number markings. Also marked faintly with the owner\'s name/number. Sold unwired and without receivers. Good \'+\' /very good used overall. Stock code H15213.