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R.A.F. B-type Helmet (A.T.A. Named)

By Frank Bryan Ltd. 1939. Size 1 (6 1/2 - 6 3/4). The overall appearance is very good \'+\' to excellent and the leather is supple with good original finish. There is some light scuffing in places - mainly to the central panel and edges of the helmet. The zipped earpieces are very good with clear A.M. markings. The zips are also very good and both have the orginal leather puller tabs. The photographs indicate the unusal positioning of the earpieces with the zips being almost horizontal. The helmet retains its receiver carriers is fitted with a set of grey sponge rubber ear cushions - these show wear and are a bit dry and \'crispy\' but retain some flexiblity. All straps are generally good and both Bennett buckles have their leather covering. The chin strap is also very good and retains the metal end-piece. The chamois lining is reasonably clean - more on the donuts as usual. Fully labelled. Unwired. Named inside to 2nd Officer R Reis??? ATA\'. The inside of the earpieces are also faintly named \'W.O.House\'. A very good \'+\' helmet. Stock code H15067.