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U.S.A.A.F. A-9 Flying Helmet

Size large. Green cotton helmet complete with field modifications that include leather receiver carriers and press studs added for the later issue oxygen masks A-10A/A-14 etc). The helmet also has the standard straps/hooks for the A-9/A-10 oxygen mask attachment. The chinstrap has a fleece chinpad and buckle. Retains both of the laces around the face opening and neck. Fully labelled with 1942 contract date. The cloth is in good order although there is one small hole (see photo) and another fray hole visible from the inside only. The straps are good (one popper missing from one of the added mask attachment points) and the leather receiver carriers are undamaged. Some of the metalwork has verdigris deposits and minor surface corrosion. Fully wired with loom, black PL-54 jack and early R-14 receivers. A good fully wired example in a displayable size. Stock code H15340.