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R.A.F. Irvin Flying Jacket

Size 4 (Ht. 5\'8-5\'9\", Br. 36-38\", Wt. 32-34\"). Physically measures approx. 44 so should be OK for around a 38-40 chest. Interesting example with typical early/mid war four panelled front and rear sections albeit with the front panels being a more equal size than usual (i.e. horizontal seam is lower than usual). The leather appears to be in very good to excellent overall condition retaining amost all of the original chromed finish. There are no tears/repairs or damaged areas and little surface wear or scuffing other than on the upper arms/shoulder areas. Most of stitching seems to be good and tight but some seams would benefit from restitching. A few small areas of the leather are slightly stiffened and there are also some sections where the leather appears to be relatively thin. All of the zips are original A.M. \'DOT\' brand, in very good working condition and two are complete with their leather puller tabs. One sleeve zip is lacking the metal puller tag but still operates. Excellent short dense brown fur lining with a decent amount of cuff and waist trim remaining. Unusually this example has panels in two distinct colours of fur - the usual light golden tan and also a pale chocolate colour. Retains the original belt, chain hanger and collar strap/rings. Also retains the original cloth Air Ministry label with lovely clear A.M. King\'s Crown markings, size details and AID marks etc. Another unusual feature of this jacket is a series of small press stud poppers sewn around the inside and outside of the neckline of the jacket - presumably a personal modification made to add some additional collar piece? A lovely looking example. Stock code J16157.