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U.S.A.A.F. B-3 Flying Jacket, 44R

By Werber Sportswear Co. 1942 contract/order number. Size 44R (measures approx. 22.5 from armpit to armpit). Classic two-tone in dark seal brown leather with lighter sleeve panels and pocket etc. The leather is generally in excellent condition retaining a super finish and little of the usual crazing and surface peel associated with American shearling jackets. No repairs or notable problems with the leather, other than it being a little \'stiff\' and a small seam hole to the rear. It retains the front patch pocket, excellent supple waist straps/buckles, supple collar straps/buckles, leather hanger and label. The fur lining is very good but does show some wear to the waist and cuff ends. The only real snag with this jacket is the zip that has broken and requires replacement. Alledged to have been given to a Master F Rolfe in 1945 by a pilot from the 361st Fighter Group based at Bottisham, Cambs. Sadly there is no provenance to prove the story. A lovely looking jacket - one of the nicest we have ever had. Stock code J15845.