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U.S.A.A.F. Type A-8 Air - Ground Message Container

By The Dayton Mfg. Co. Comprises a plastic tube with lamps at both end. Approx. 29cm long x 4cm diameter. Unscrews to reveal an inner battery tube around which the paper message would be rolled. This was then inserted back into the outer tube and once the lamps were illuminated it could be thrown from the aircraft, its descent slowed via an attached orange cotton streamer. The outer case is marked with instructions for use and notes \'Finder - Deliver To Nearest Army Headquarters\'. The casing shows storage wear with some loss of text but this item appears unused and comes with the original AAF marked box (damaged - see photos). The container itself has a 1943 contract date, the box a 1942 contract date. Excellent rare item. Sock code M15673.