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U.S.A.A.F. AN6510 Seat Type Parachute Assembly

Consists of the full harness, backpad, seat pack & ripcord assembly. The harness is generally in good used condition light soiling only. C/w all the clips (dog-lead style not the later Q/R box type). The clip across the chest is detached (small section of harness that holds the clip has been cut but I will supply a small length of webbing to replace). The harness is dated December 1942. The backpad is in very good clean condition. The pack is by Reliance & is in excellent condition. It has been padded out to look complete & has all its bungees. There is a ripcord handle & the housing but no actual cord. Overall, an impressive display piece. Marked with correct AAF parachute ID codes etc. Stock code M10814.