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R.A.F. Seat-type Parachute Assembly - 1940

Parachute, Single point, quick release with seat pack. Commonly referred to as the \'pilot\'s\' parachute. Classic white webbing with a central black thread fleck and clear A.M markings. Correct fully rounded quick release (QR) box, ripcord housing, ripcord and handle. The parachute pack itself is in a dark sandy coloured canvas with a cotton label printed with \'PILOT PARACHUTE\' , A.M. King\'s Crown mark, serial number and date of 22 March 1940. The pack retains 5 of the 6 bungee cords although some are a bit stretched. The pack is empty - shown \'stuffed\' in the photos. The assembly also retains the correct back pad and is fitted with a Type A, MK.III dinghy pack (modified MK.II with both ref. nos.) (empty). These were used in place of a seat cushion providing space for a type K dinghy and associated spares. The webbing harness is in excellent condition and very clean. The pack is in good to very good condition but is quite soiled and grimy. The label is clearly legible and has two cleaner \'stripes\' where the bungees have laid across it. The dinghy pack is also in good order though soiled/stained. This has the typical wartime label printed with instructions in English, French, Czech & Polish. There are a few things to note here. The harness is considerably cleaner than the remaining componants suggesting that they have not always been together or that it has been washed. Theoretically this assembly (minus the dinghy pack) could have seen service during the Battle of Britain but with this pack in place it is currently more representative of an assembly from January 1942 onwards. The dinghy pack is a valuable item in itself but if you wanted to revert to a 1940 configuration just change it for a seat cushion which we can supply on request in place of the dinghy pack for the same price (just let us know on the order form). Overall this is an impressive and rare display piece. Stock code M13855.