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R.A.F. Escape/Ration Kit

Acetate box approx. 14 x 12 x 2.5cms. The box is the earlier non-curved pattern and is marked \'C.C.-H, MARK III 150M\'. It contains the following visible escape/evasion and ration items : a rubber water bag with drawstring top; 20 x Horlicks tablets; chewing gum x 2 pkts.; 2 small rolls of sticking plaster; a box of safety matches; 2 bars of chocolate, tube of suncream or condensed milk and standard 0.5\" escape compass. In addition there are almost certainly water purification tablets and anti-fatigue tablets that cannot be seen. The box is complete, has never been opened/unpacked and retains the inner box and outer sleeve with remnants of the tape seal. There is some discolouration of the acetate but no obvious decay or serious distortion/warping often associated with these kits. As is usually the case the box emits a relatively mild smell. The contents appear, on the whole, to be in good condition although there is evidently some leakage/staining from the cream tube to the chocolate wrapper. The original owner was at one time adjutant of 610 Squadron. These kits were issued individually but also as a componant part of some survival kits. They are extremely rare to find these days, particularly with all of the contents remaining. Don\'t miss this one. Stock code E16765