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R.A.F. Training Poster - How To Hit Back At Dive B

Printed by C & R.L. Ltd. Approx. 48 x 40cms. September 1940 dated. Information for anti-aircraft (AA) gunners on when to fire at German dive bombers. Line drawing showing Ju87 Stukas circling overhead & peeling off into spiral dives before going into a straight dive and pulling out. The poster shows when to fire and the trajectory lines of AA fire towards the target. There is a crashed Stuka at the bottom with the caption \'Dive Finished!\' The paper is soiled with some creasing. There are small edge tears, a taped repair to the upper edge, dog-eared/damaged corners and some insect holes to the lower right section (see photos). Has seen better days but an extremely rare poster. Stock code P16075.